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Located at an elevation of 1,600 meters above sea level; Denver, the largest city of Colorado, is United States’ “Mile High City.” Travellers who want to explore the Rocky Mountains usually fly into Denver International Airport and pick up a Denver RV rentals there; before heading off into the national parks and ski resorts that are scattered on the slopes of the  Rockies to the west of the city.

Colorado River, Denver RV Rentals, Colorado, USA
Colorado River

As a base for outdoor exploration, Denver has plenty of pick up/drop off points for your motorhome rental. You can book online to find the best deal on Denver RV rentals with Apollo RV, Cruise America, El Monte RV, Moturis RV, Road Bear and Star RV; and get the keys to your recreational vehicle or RV rentals in Denver upon arrival. Stock up your Denver RV hire or Denver campervan rental with provisions; follow Interstates 25 and 70 – the major north-south and east-west corridors, respectively; and you are ready to call it a holiday.

Denver Motorhome Rental: Where to Go in the Mile High City

Denver is a very bike-friendly city – having dedicated bike lanes and a thriving cycling culture; so consider getting around the city this way while you park your Denver RV rental in the City Park east of downtown. City Park offers an oasis of green scenery and recreation opportunities, and a destination in itself. After browsing Denver’s shops and cafes off 16th Street; put on a flotation device and kayak at the two lakes within the park; or maybe keep the children occupied at the Denver Zoo while the adults tee off in the golf course, also within the park.

The Denver Botanic Gardens can also be an option for parking of your motorhome rental or campervan hire. Apart from the floral distractions that would keep you engaged for hours, consider staying for the ambience and free Wi-Fi.

Denver has plenty of museums to keep you entertained and educated during the day; and an overflowing number of microbreweries and bars to keep you busier at night; staking a claim to the title Beer Capital of America. Despite its frontier and mining past, the Mile High City can be very cosmopolitan when it comes to dining options; so you can sample a range of international cuisines; or get adventurous and get a forkful of rattlesnake or Rocky Mountain ‘oysters’ which are actually buffalo genitalia.

Rent a Campervan: Explore the Rocky Mountains & Ski Resorts

Denver is the gateway to the Rocky Mountains, just 12 miles west of the city. On its slopes are some of the most sought-after ski resorts in the United States. Rent a motorhome in Denver, follow I-70 to the west; and you will get to Breckenridge and Vail less than two hours to the southwest; while popular Aspen is two hours further afield.

Denver is also where you jump off to get to haunting canyons and red rocks that make up most of its arid geography. Of the many national parks you can get to with Denver RV rentals, the Rio Grande National Forest and Mesa Verde National Park seven hours southwest is fabled for its ancient Cliff Palace and thousands of Anasazi (native Americans) dwellings and artefacts. If you have gone this far, you can venture further across the border to Arizona or Utah where more breathtaking and mind-bending canyons and red rocks await.

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