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In its broadest sense, East Midlands makes up the eastern part of central England defined by three major landscape areas: The river valley of Trent, the flat coastal plains of Lincolnshire, and the southern fringes of the Pennines in Derbyshire. The region is composed of the cities of Lincoln, Leicester, Derby and Nottingham, with the East Midlands Airport just within a 20-mile radius of the last three. If you are considering an English driving holiday, then grab a RV rental, campervan hire or East Midlands Airport motorhome rental and hit the road of this fascinating area. The East Midlands region is easy to get to with the airport servicing many other destinations.

Sherwood Forest, home of Robin Hood, East Midlands Airport Motorhome Rental, United Kingdom
Sherwood Forest, home of Robin Hood

Ramble through the Peak District by Motorhome

A short drive in your camper hire in East Midlands Airport, the Peak District forms part of the Pennine mountain range and it includes moorland areas as well as limestone-based hills. This region was the first area in the United Kingdom to be declared as a national park. Pitch your East Midlands Airport motorhome rental here and join over 22 million visitors each year who come and make it one of the most visited national parks in the world.

The cosmopolitan cities of Leeds and Manchester are a little over an hour to the north from Peak District by campervan hire or RV rentals. If you are seeking lots of shopping and vibrant nightlife, Leeds make a great stop; Manchester, on the other hand, is renowned for its sporting connections, most notably football, rowing and cricket.

Discover Sherwood Forest in your Campervan

Made famous by the stories of Robin Hood and his merry men, Sherwood Forest is only an hour’s drive north by RV rental in East Midlands Airport. The best launching point to begin exploring Sherwood Forest is from the city of Nottingham. While the ancient forest covered a much larger area than the remaining forest that is protected today, you can still find very old trees here, most notably ‘Major Oak.’

The region’s largest city and one of the oldest cities in England, Leicester is less than an hour south of Nottingham by motorhome hire. Regarded as one of culturally diverse cities in the United Kingdom, Leicester recently made headlines as the final resting place of Richard III whose life and work are on display at the 14th century timber-framed Guildhall.

Drive to the Lincolnshire Coast by Motorhome Rental

The coast of Lincolnshire runs for approximately fifty miles along Eastern England and is only a short drive by camper rental. This part of England’s coastline has long been associated with tourism, fishing and trade. The Lincoln area is extremely flat – generally at sea level, so along the coast there are quite a number of salt marshes that intersperse the thirty miles of sandy beaches that define this coastal area. This is a great region for driving and you can take your East Midlands Airport motorhome rental anywhere around here and set up camp wherever the spirit of adventure takes you.

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